WhatsApp update: new storage management features coming soon

Here a giant photo, there a high-resolution video – and quickly the memory of your smartphone is getting filled up. Especially in instant messengers like WhatsApp, many gigabytes of data can quickly accumulate. But the developers at Facebook are now working on a number of improvements.

Some time ago, WABetaInfo reported that the developers are working on new tools for organizing storage usage in WhatsApp. The goal is to provide users with easy methods for cleaning up their data. For example, there will be filters to help locate forwarded and large files. However, these tools were only prototypes so far.

Now WABetaInfo shows how the new overview currently looks like and how the developers have organized the different tools. All these functions are to be summarized in a new storage usage overview.

StorageUsage Android v2
This is what the new overview in a beta version of WhatsApp currently looks like. / © WABetaInfo

WhatsApp: Facebook plans new storage map

This overview, known as «Storage Usage», is divided into three important segments. The top part of the overview gives a quick idea of how the storage is currently being used. This shows how much space is being used by the data in WhatsApp and other apps.

In the second area, the developers are dividing forwarded files and large files. This allows you to quickly see, for example, which pictures, videos, or other documents require a lot of memory. This makes it possible for the users to identify data that is no longer needed and delete it if necessary when space on the smartphone becomes tight.

In the third section, WhatsApp lists the chats by size as already known. A search function allows you to find individual conversations.

WABetaInfo did not provide further screenshots so far. The new Storage usage is currently still in a test phase, so some details and design may change until the final presentation. The feature will be released for Android as well as iOS. A concrete date when the features will be available is currently unknown. The first hints about the new memory overview were already given at the beginning of June 2020.

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