This WhatsApp feature could make it even more secure

Facebook’s developers are apparently working on a new feature to further protect users of the popular WhatsApp Messenger.

In the depths of WhatsApp’s Android beta, several new features have been discovered that are not yet available, but which the developers are apparently actively working on. As WABetaInfo reports, version of WhatsApp includes a reference to better protection of the Messenger when using WhatsApp Web.

The Web version of WhatsApp allows you to use the messenger in a browser, making it for example a little more convenient to read messages from your PC or Mac without having to pull out your smartphone. WhatsApp still does not offer a true multi-device solution.

WhatsApp: Fingerprint to create a Web Session

WABetaInfo has now found indications that the developers will apparently request a fingerprint to set up this web connection in the future. This is possibly intended to prevent another user – who, for example, only borrows a smartphone for a short period of time – from being able to create his or her own Web connection to a WhatsApp account.

Fingerprint WAWEBSession Android
In the future, a fingerprint may be required to unlock WhatsApp Web. / © WABetaInfo

For a successful connection with a browser, the owner of the smartphone would then be asked for the fingerprint to confirm exactly this – provided the feature survives the beta phase. The site doesn’t provide more details or possibly further changes in the setup of WhatsApp Web. It is also already possible to secure WhatsApp itself with a fingerprint or face recognition.

Moreover, as the site reports in a separate article, the developers are also fixing several other bugs in earlier beta versions. For example, crashes when opening the memory overview are said to have been fixed. WhatsApp is currently working to expand and improve this overview. One of the goals is to give users a quick way to discover and remove unnecessary files from their smartphones.

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