The WhatsApp feature you’ve always wanted could be coming sooner than you think

After there were last new indications at the end of July that several devices could be used simultaneously with one WhatsApp account, the «final stage» of the long-awaited «multi-device» feature is now supposed to have begun.

As WABetaInfo writes in a new report on the feature, which is not available so far, users should be able to use a WhatsApp account on four different devices simultaneously in the future.

The primary smartphone also does not need to be connected to the internet or turned on to use Facebook’s messaging service. For example, a future desktop app from WhatsApp can be used even if the smartphone is out of service.

WABetaInfo further writes that Facebook is planning a new interface for the desktop application in which, for example, the chat history will also be visible. This process will be end-to-end encrypted, as is common with WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Sync Loading Screen Web
The new desktop app also transmits chat history. / © WABetaInfo

In «final stage»: Using one WhatsApp account on multiple devices

The page describes the status of the feature with the words «final stage». This means that various parts of the new feature are not yet finished, but the most important functions are already available. As an example of these options, the mentioned possibility to synchronize chat history, mute conversations, or starring and delivering messages is mentioned.

According to WABetaInfo, Facebook’s developers plan to give beta testers access to the new feature in the next step. The feature could then be enabled if desired, as the following screenshot shows:

WhatsApp Multidevice Android
The «multi-device beta» is supposed to start soon. / © WABetaInfo

According to WABetaInfo, after activating the new feature, all older sessions, for example with WhatsApp Web, will be terminated. The two features are therefore not compatible with each other.

It is currently not known whether WhatsApp will further limit testing of the new option as part of its beta program for Android and iOS. The TestFlight beta for WhatsApp on iOS is currently full, as is the Android beta.

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