Spotify: you can now stream directly to Apple Watch

For a long time, users of Apple Watch and Spotify wished they would work better together. Now that Apple has laid the software foundations, Spotify is following suit and bringing a long-awaited feature to its smartwatch app.

Back in September, there were first indications that Spotify is flirting with a streaming function that can be used directly on the Apple Watch. At that time only selected users within the beta version of the app were allowed to test the feature.

As 9to5Mac writes in a recent report, Spotify now seems to offer the function on a larger scale. The feature is apparently enabled on the server-side by the streaming provider.

If you have been chosen by Spotify to use the feature, you can no longer use the Apple Watch only as a remote control for Spotify, but you can also stream music directly to the smartwatch and associated Bluetooth headphones. Especially in combination with a cellular version of the Apple Watch, this is helpful, for example, if you want to leave your house without the smartphone.

Spotify on the Apple Watch: Streaming access to playlists and more

Once activated by Spotify, a notification appears in the Watch app. After that, the new feature can be accessed via the already known device selection; a symbol for the smartwatch then appears here. If you select the Apple Watch here, you can access your own playlists, podcasts, artists, albums and most recently heard songs.

However, Spotify has not provided a search function in its Watch app. The only remedy is to use Siri, for example, «Hey Siri, play Strange Times on Spotify».

Also still not available is an offline function that allows you to download songs directly to an Apple Watch and listen to them on the go without an internet connection.

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