iPhones with Fortnite selling for €2,500: eBay auctions abound

After Apple and Google banned the popular game Fortnite from their respective App Stores due to violations of the App Store guidelines by game developer Epic Games, we have started to see more and more eBay auctions mushrooming. These auctions feature older iPhone models that come with Fortnite pre-installed. In what could be a modern-day equivalent of the tulip mania, there are some Fortnite-equipped iPhones going for up to a crazy $10,000 in the USA alone. Over in Europe, there are more «affordable» options: we are looking at only €2,500 ($2,960) for an iPhone 7 with Fortnite.

You want to get rich quick, but don’t know how to? Here is how you make $10,000 in no time at all. What do you need for that to happen? An old iPhone with Fortnite pre-installed! No – this is not a bizarre ad on a questionable website, but cold, hard truth. After Apple banned Epic Games’ Fortnite from the Apple App Store last week, eBay sellers are now trying to make a killing and are offering iPhones at horrendous prices over at the digital auction house. Those who own an iPhone with Fortnite pre-installed before the ban can continue to take a gamble under iOS.

Like Business Insider reported, there were over 100 hits for the search query «iPhone Fortnite installed» found on the American platform of eBay just last night alone. Among them include an ad featuring an iPhone X from 2017 that has Fortnite pre-installed going for a whopping $10,000. Considering the fact that Fortnite can be played cross-platform on numerous consoles, on Android even outside the Play Store, it is not surprising that none of the ads have received any significant bids.

In Germany as well, there are now numerous eBay auctions for iPhones with Fortnite installed. However, over in this country, the sellers seem to take a more realistic approach: Those who want to pick up an iPhone 7 with the pre-installed shooter will be able to bring one home at an average price point of €2,500.

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An iPhone for €2,500? Even Apple has not dared to charge that high. / © NextPit (Screenshot)

It is highly unlikely that anyone would pay these outrageous prices for outdated technology and a game that can be played virtually anywhere else. Earlier this week, the dispute between Epic Games and Apple escalated. The company that made the iPhone not only banned Fortnite from the App Store, but also threatened to terminate Epic Games’ developer account if the alternative payment method, which would allow the game developer to save the 30 percent App Store fees that Apple charges, was not withdrawn. Meanwhile, Epic Games sued Apple and Google for monopolistic practices in a class action #FreeFortnite campaign.

What do you think will be the outcome of this? Just who would be crazy enough to part with such insane amounts of money for smartphones that are several years old just because of a piece of pre-installed software?

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