«FreeFortnite Cup»: Epic continues to attack Apple

After Epic’s public standoff with Apple and Google, the Fortnite developer is now calling for what may be the final competition for iOS players. In doing so, they are letting no chance pass in order to attack Apple.

With a tweet Epic linked to the official announcement of the «FreeFortnite Cup», which will take place on Sunday, August 23. The aim is to give players, who still have Fortnite installed on their iOS devices, another chance to play with all their friends across platforms.

The company announced in their article that the iOS players will be left behind with «Chapter 2 – Season 3», while the other gamers can look forward to Season 4, which starts on August 27th. So it doesn’t look like Epic is currently adapting its game for iOS to be playable there in the future. Apple has announced that Epic will lose access to the development tools on August 28. This could also mean that the currently still playable Fortnite will no longer run on iOS devices.

«FreeFortnite Cup»: the anti-Apple outfit is one of the prizes

A number of prizes have been announced for the cup. One of them is a skin with the apple head, as seen above, which was also already shown off in Epic’s «Nineteen Eighty-Fortnite» video. There are also a number of hardware items to win – all of which are not iOS-based, of course. These include an Alienware laptop, a Galaxy Tab S7, a OnePlus 8, a PlayStation 4 Pro, an Xbox One X, or a Nintendo Switch.

Furthermore, Epic advises its players to keep their accounts up to date. This should make a possible platform change – away from iOS – much easier. At the same time Epic notes that there are a number of alternative devices that will continue to be compatible with Fortnite. Android users are advised that they can continue to play Fortnite – of course, they have a link to the installer at hand.

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