Apples versus pears: small business in trouble with Apple

Apple’s lawyers are still busy. But this time they are not targeting a South Korean giant. Instead, the developers of the app «Prepear», whose logo Apple believes could lead to confusion, are being fought.

The small company Prepear uses the app of the same name to help its users discover new recipes or plan meals, among other things. The app was developed by the founders of the site Super Healthy Kids, who in turn had pointed out the dispute with Apple.

As iPhone in Canada and MacRumors report, the iPhone manufacturer is bothered by the company’s logo. Apple writes in its paperwork on the dispute that consumers would associate the pear logo of Prepear with the apple of the Californian giant. A small leaf, which in both cases falls to the right, is supposed to remind of the Apple logo.

Apple Prepear Trademark Bild MacRumors
Apple says that the logo of Prepear is too similar to its own apple. / © MacRumors

The dispute arose when Prepear wanted to secure the trademark for its logo. At first glance, this process seemed to go off without a hitch, until Apple’s lawyers intervened on the last possible day to veto it, according to Prepear. The app developers have started a petition on to collect votes and draw attention to this issue.

Expensive disputes for small businesses

The dispute with Apple is a big problem for the small company with only five employees. It is not only time consuming, but also costs a lot of money. But Prepear writes that they do not want to just give up.

The petition goes on to say that they understand why other companies have given up quickly in the past. Apple has already been able to successfully take action against such logos of other companies or even political parties in the past years.

The legal dispute between Prepear and Apple is not yet over and is now entering the next phase. The app developer hopes to get enough attention in the media to change Apple’s mind. The app can still be found in the App Store and Play Store.

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