Apple users can look forward to the return of this Google app

Three years ago, Google removed the extension of the Maps app for the Apple Watch, now the company is officially celebrating its return. But owners of a car with CarPlay can also look forward to improved support.

The CarPlay expansion is about support for the so-called dashboard mode, which Apple introduced with iOS 13. This supports the simultaneous display of several apps, which allows, for example, the control of music playback while simultaneously displaying the navigation. Developers have been able to take advantage of this since iOS 13.4 was released in March, and Google is now taking advantage of this.

Until then, only Apple Maps could be used for navigation in this mode, but now fans of Google Maps can also use this map solution for navigation. What remains is the simultaneous possibility to control music or even podcasts.

Google Maps CarPlay Dashboard
The dashboard mode in Apple’s CarPlay allows the simultaneous display of several apps – soon Google Maps will be one of them. / © Google

Google Maps returns to Apple Watch

Besides the revised CarPlay support, Google also announced that Google Maps can be used on the Apple Watch again in the future. As usual with the regular iOS app, Google Maps for Apple Watch can be used for navigation.

There are also various means of transport to choose from – whether by car, bicycle, public transport, i.e. bus or train, or on foot. The app also provides the user with quick predictions of the time required to get to saved favorites. Navigation is done in a step-by-step list that clearly indicates where to turn. According to Google, it will also be possible to start navigation on the smartphone and continue it later on the Apple Watch.

Support for Google Maps on the CarPlay dashboard will appear with the upcoming update of the app, according to the company. This update of the iOS app is expected to be available later this week. However, we will have to be patient for the availability of Google Maps for Apple Watch. Google is talking about a release «in the coming weeks».

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